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About Us

CAFY Designs is based in Houston, Texas. We have 12 years of graphic and
publishing industry experience. We are ready to serve clients with their graphic
design needs and business consultations,

We help build websites to match your company's vision. CAFY is an
acronym that stands for Creative Ads For You.

Our goal is to provide your business with unique ways of presenting itself to
its customers. In each mode of design and print, we will aim to be innovative,
strive to be excellent and focus on the quality that we deliver on each project
we handle.

About Us: CAFY Designs has been helping businesses gain an identity and presence in their market space. We are based in Houston. We are focused on ways to enhance your business image to your customers, your clients. Technology allows us to span the globe and provide design services for any company, worldwide. We consult using Skype, emails, chat forums, and more to help your company gain the branding and recognition it deserves.

We want to be considered different from the other ad agencies out there. Call it "thinking outside the box" and we know that expression is cliched. Instead we call it "thinking with a view", similar to looking outside a window, but we have a panoramic view point, where we take time and consider the best possible ways and means to make your business presentable and appeal to your customers.

We think about long term strategies, while most ad agencies perform just what is asked of them and no more. This is where we strive to be different by involving with you, the business owner, to fully understand your business needs and the direction you want to grow your business, five or ten years from now.

    Gaining an understanding on your business perspective is our first and foremost goal. It helps us see where you are headed and we join you for the journey, by being your trusted adviser in design and ongoing business consultations. We'd like to be your ad agency of choice long term and share in your successes and failures. We are not promising you the moon, but we are promising you a positive relationship based on eventual success and growth, long term.

Logo Symbolism: Our logo signifies direction, a movement forward, keeping focused and moving ahead, a positive and purposeful movement towards a goal.

Jacob David, CEO says:
  I loved graphic designing as a child. At the age of 8, I used to sketch the Mitsubishi logo from a sports car calendar my dad brought me. I drew the Air India airlines logo on hollowed out egg shells and displayed them on a stripped plant with branches. I learned drawing by tracing cartoons from comic books and hand drawing Disney characters. I loved drawing portraits of movie stars, using a pen. Creating my own font styles was an early passion in life.

   When I discovered desktop publishing, I knew this was what I've always wanted to do. With 12 years of working experience between 2 local publications, and representing local businesses, graphic design is an exciting field where branding of a business is my ultimate goal.

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