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Services we provide

Services we provide

Why being seen is important? 

Corporates of airlines, cruises, entertainment (movies, clubs, casinos),
soft drinks, tourism, vacation and holiday resorts are constantly fighting

over visual space to reach the widest base of consumers daily. They spend

millions of dollars in hiring ad agencies to represent them in the right light.

Shouldn't your business be doing the same to grow rapidly?

We help with the following: Consultations, Graphic Design, Media Buy,  
and design Websites

We help design and print promotional materials to help convey your brand and message to your clients. We focus on staying clear on concept. A combination of these promotional materials will help your business:

1. Booklets                                          


3. Brochures     

4. Business Cards

5. Calendars

6. Catalogs

7. Door Hangers

8. Envelopes

9. File Folders

10. Flyers

11. Foldover Business Cards

12. Folded Post Cards

13. Greeting Cards

14. Hang Tags

15. Labels

16. Letterhead

17. Mascots

18. Menus

19. Newsletters

20. Note Pads

21. Postcards

22. Posters

23. Presentation Folders

24. Rack Cards

25. Table Tents

26. Tradeshow Banners & Stands

27. Vinyl Banners

28. Website Design

If you have a custom project that requires different material than these mentioned, please call us to discuss possibilities of working with you to help complete it. 

Products that will help take your business to a New level:

With the world sailing at a fluid pace, you get only a few seconds to catch a potential customer's eye. A customer is distracted by fifty to a hundred messages every minute. That is an overwhelming barrage of information in the customer's mind. How do you enable a customer to focus on your business, your product and service that you are delivering? Quality advertising is the answer. Avoid Clutter, get seen.

Window banners for store owners are a great way to draw people into any place of business.

Any design is possible, with specific, targeted messages to invite your customers to browse and buy your products or experience the range of your services. 

Trade show stands are crucial to help identify your product not only at trade shows, but at your regular place of business where your business image, product and service is subtly being broadcast visually to all who walk in daily.

*Accessories like over head lights are extra.

Motivational calendars actually lift up spirits of team members as well as guests when they visit your place of business. It is shown to spread the message of encouragement and reflects directly upon the type of Office / Business Culture that you want to portray. These motivational calendars tend to leave people emotionally better and enthusiastic for some reason as it is shown to stimulate the brain and fosters a team relationship, increasing productivity among team members.

Office culture or Company culture is a silent language that reflects directly the vision and standards of the Company at large, where it is headed as a group of human beings running the enterprise - Jacob David.

A motivational calendar fosters trust and the opportunity to build deeper relationships that are long lasting.

Social Media:

We help businesses set up Social Media pages and maintain them as needed.

Social Media pages - there are many, don't get overwhelmed. Twitter and Facebook being the prominent can tie up / link up to each other. 

Constant, meaningful posts show your clients that you are working hard to provide them options in products and services. If you don't, your competitor will. You are doing purposeful marketing. Always let customers know your special for the day if you are a restaurant, or let them know which house you are currently showing if you are a REALTOR, or what you are doing for your networking events - where are you headed next. People always like to know extraneous stuff even if only for a mere interest factor. But soon enough, they will be hooked on to what you are providing them - meaningful content.

It is a fun way to market yourself and your company. Try it out. 

How does Print Differ from other forms of Communication?

Printing materials represent your company's vision, ideas and mission. Where is your company headed? What do the staff at your company stand for? Do their thoughts gel with the office culture and the purpose for which your company was founded? Printing materials help your team get the Vision and your company's mission ingrained in them. Your  clients are better able to understand what your company stands for, apart from the products and services you provide.

Getting the right print materials is crucial. The right stock of paper, glossy or matte, four-color process, the feel and look of the paper - thickness, are all equally important in representing your company the right way.

We stop by your place of business and consult with you in detail or as needed. We will then let you know what to expect regarding the final printed product. With modern technology, printing your promotional pieces has never been easier.

The turn over time for printing depends on the quantity and other special processes (like aqua coating) for example, your company may require on the finished product. Standard turn over time is 5 business days for printing. Design time is unique to each project depending on the complexity involved. A catalog may take 1 month, a business card 1 hour. We always suggest to our clients to avoid rush jobs if possible.

T.V, Radio and electronic mediums are important and command their share of the consumer market. Along with these avenues, print material provides your company the unique ability to be in front of your client daily. It is the most cost effective option and can be saved by your clients or filed away for future reference. Printed materials have been getting more advanced and savvier these days. They form over 70% of your company's marketing materials.
Vinyl banners, trade show stands, labels, and other modes of print can help your business reach more customers (both new and existing).

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